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Oakley 9102 HOLBROOK Original Replacement Lenses

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Identify lens color and lens size Oakley

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Oakley 9102 HOLBROOK Original Replacement Lenses

One of Oakley’s best-selling and most famous models is undoubtedly the 9102 Holbrook model. This model is characterized by its versatility. A mixture of a classic, sporty and aggressive model that is the perfect goggle for all looks.

Oakley 9102 HOLBROOK Original Lenses are made of high quality materials and have been designed by experts. Buy replacement lenses here!

Best Oakley Holbrook Lenses

The best lenses for the Oakley Holbrook model at the moment are the original lenses. Right now genuine Oakley lenses are manufactured by Luxottica. This brand is owned by Luxottica Group since 2007.

Oakley Holbrook Lens Size

The lens size of the Oakley Holbrook model is 55mm and 57mm.

Oakley Holbrook Prizm Lenses

Oakley Holbrook Prizm lenses have revolutionized the world of optics. There are Polarized and unpolarized Oakley Holbrook Prizm Crystals. Here we describe its main benefits:

  • Better contrast. Better contrast improves vision and adjusts incoming light more precisely.
  • They enhance visual acuity
  • Unlike other lenses, prism lenses are adapted to accentuate the beneficial colors in each of the sports that are being practiced.
  • In short, they increase performance and safety by optimizing vision and allowing quick reaction.

How to buy lenses for the Oakley 9102 Holbrook model?

  1. On your Oakley temple you can find the model, colour and size of your Oakleys.
  2. With that information search for your Oakley model, select the lens size and colour.
  3. You will receive the lenses kit, consisting of a right and left lens. The original Oakley replacement parts only come in pairs. The lenses are not sold separately.

Identify lens color and lens size Oakley


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  • 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

About us is a Spanish company with 7 years of experience dedicated to the optics and eyewear sector. We are Oakley certified suppliers. 

Oakley 9102 HOLBROOK Original Replacement Lenses. Oakley © Authorished Dealer Original Replacements

Additional information

Weight 25 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm


Temples Material

Oakley Lenses

Mirror | Black iridium 63, Mirror | Positive Red Iridium, Mirror | Violet iridium 05, Mirror | Violet iridium 26, Polarized | Chrome iridium A9, Polarized | Grey 02, Polarized | Ice iridium 52, Polarized | Ruby iridium 51, Prizm | Black E1, Prizm | Black H1, Prizm | Bronze ruby alt iridium G8, Prizm | Dark golf K0, Prizm | Grey E8, Prizm | Grey sapphire alt iridium G9, Prizm | Jade E4, Prizm | Ruby E2, Prizm | Ruby E9, Prizm | Ruby G1, Prizm | Tungsten G6, Prizm | Violet K6, Prizm polarized | 24k O3, Prizm Polarized | Black D3, Prizm Polarized | Daily 90, Prizm Polarized | Daily B5, Prizm polarized | Deep water T9, Prizm Polarized | Ruby F1, Prizm Polarized | Sapphire D2, Prizm Polarized | Sapphire iridium F0, Prizm Polarized | Shallow water J8, Prizm Polarized | Tungsten D7, Prizm Polarized| Deep water C1, Prizm polarized| Deep water J9

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