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Types of Ray-Ban Lenses

Ray-Ban is currently one of the most powerful brands when it comes to sunglasses fashion. The company was founded by Baush & Lomb in 1937 and the first model of sunglasses was brought to light by the US Air Force during World War II. We all know this model as it is the most iconic model of the brand, the aviator sunglasses. Later, among all the Ray-Ban models, one of them stood out again, the Wayfarer, which went on sale in 1953.

Ray-Ban currently belongs to the Italian company Luxottica and they have countless models of sunglasses and prescription glasses on the market. It is a very well positioned brand that has been able to adapt to the fashion of all times, although its classic models are always present.

As we have mentioned, Ray-Ban has evolved over time and nowadays, there are many different models, lenses and shapes. Therefore, in this article, we will explain what are the most common types of Ray-Ban l and their characteristics:

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Types of Ray-Ban lenses: mineral or plastic

Firstly, Ray-Ban works with two types of lenses: glass or mineral and plastic.

Among the advantages of glass or mineral lenses we find that they are more resistant to scratches, but that does not prevent us from being careful because they are fragile if they are hit too hard or fall to the ground, because they break.

types of Ray-Ban lenses

Secondly, Ray-Ban also works with plastic lenses. These lenses are more resistant to falls, are lighter and easier to handle in case they need to be changed.

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Types of Ray-Ban lenses: colours.

Ray-Ban currently offers the following lens types in terms of colours: uniform, gradient, mirror, gradient with mirror and chromance.

Uniformly coloured lenses are those that have the same colour that covers the entire lens, and they can be polarised or not. For example, in the case of Ray-Ban, the G-15 and the 58 are the same characteristic green colour, but the 58 is polarised.

types of Ray-Ban lenses

Gradient lenses are lenses that start at the top with a colour that degrades to the bottom, e.g. colour 85 is gradient brown.

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Mirrored lenses are the most eye-catching and original coloured lenses. They are usually made of plastic because the colour looks better. For example colour 55 or 6Q are this type of lenses.

With these lenses it is important to remember that, if scratched, the damage will be more noticeable than with a degraded or uniformly coloured lens.

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Ray-Ban’s chromance lenses are part of the brand’s new collection with which it wants to unveil its new range of colours. These tinted lenses are made with six layers of anti-reflective treatment that achieve brighter colours, improve contrast and increase transparency. For example, the colour 5L belongs to this new range of Ray-Ban colours.

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Types of Ray-Ban lenses: Polarised or not.

Finally, we should only add that there is also a wide variety of polarised Ray-Ban lenses. Many times we find that the same colour exists both polarized and non-polarized. The truth is that having polarised colours was a great bet by Ray-Ban to continue being one of the best positioned brands in the market, as polarised lenses are nowadays used by a large public.

Examples of polarised colours are: 58, 2V or T3.

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And so far a brief summary of the types of Ray-Ban lenses that exist at this time in the market. Don’t forget that at Cristalesrepuesto we keep our website constantly updated with the latest news of the brand so that you can get your replacement lenses. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have, we will be happy to help you.

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  1. Very misleading. “work with”???? Do they make glass – NO! Not since a plastic Itialian company bought the name in 1997 and now uses the name. If they are real Ray-Bans – glass lenses, they will say B&L USA.


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